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MINI modern pearl statement necklaces {choose your color}

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a teeny bit more understated than the original, the mini modern pearl still makes a huge statement in a small package. the largest rosettes measure about an inch, and the smallest about half an inch.
As is, the chain measures 6 inches on each side of the U of rosettes. (12 inches of chain). The U is about 3 1/2 inches top to bottom making the total length just over 18 inches. This necklace sits higher than the traditional modern pearl (see photo #3). Please note in paypal at checkout if you need an adjustment. Otherwise it will be made as is.

I have added a few new colors that are not pictured: chambray, rose, oxford, radiant orchid, and jade. Check my instagram feed (@allorahandmade) if you would like to see them before purchasing!

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Image of original modern pearl rosette statement necklace {choose your color}